Sam Houston National Forest - Strange Things

Lake Conroe cove

This is what most Canebrake Rattlesnake habitat in east Texas looks like. "There, no right there, under the resevoir". Unfortunately many of the bottomland hardwood forests in eastern Texas are now at the bottom of such lakes. People suck!

Stinkpot Shell

I waited ten minutes for this stinkpot to stick its head out of its shell and it never would. Hmmmmmm. Equally uncooperative was this stupid Box Turtle.....

Box Turtle Shell

Maybe this armadillo will be more cooperative.....

Armadillo shell pieces

OK, enough clowing around, this next photo is serious! I found this in the middle of the National Forest on public land away from any homes, historical homesteads, etc..


I originally wrote "I don't know who Melissa Trotter was, but I sure hope it was someone's dog or something. Sort of made me wonder if I should call the authorities?". Then in February 2005, I received this email

I am not sure if anyone else has told you this, but Melissa was a very well known person in the Willis, Conroe area, she was one of my closest and dearest friends, that cross is not her grave but it is where she was murdered. Just thought I would let you know.

Mellisa was murdered just a few days after her 21st birthday. People suck even more than I thought!
Check out these links regarding Melissa's murder -
- a claim of innocence by the person convicted (?)
- a dissenting opinion from the appellate court review of the case

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