My Birdlists


A have identified over 1500 species of bird in 18 countries over the last 20+ years, so the list is broken up by region for brevity.

  • Texas Birds
  • - birds I have seen in my home state
  • Mexican Birds
  • - species I have seen in many trips south of the border
  • Panamian Birds
  • - my trip list from a 2005 trip to Panama
  • Asian Birds
  • - birds from Indonesia, Singpore, India, Nepal and a few other areas of Asia
  • Australian Birds
  • - birds identified on a few trips down-under
  • New Zealand
  • - birds from the "other" down-under
  • African Birds
  • - birds from our trip to South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe
  • UK birds
  • - a few species from trips to England over the years
    Chris Harrison